There are forces in this country that despise traditional American culture and heritage and are rapidly working to undermine and eliminate it. American heritage is White heritage. In most countries, illegal immigration is a very serious offence. Not in the United States. We give these illegal aliens virtually every right and privilege of citizenship. Why? Because this has led to a significant dilution of White influence in this country. This country was founded by Whites, for Whites. Make no mistake: we are under attack. In the coming years, Blacks (Africans) and Browns (Hispanics) will place Whites in the minority. Will they suffer Black/Brown Guilt and shower us with unearned privilege? Don’t count on it. Expect ‘Payback Time’.

MyBlackJourney.com is run by the U.S. National Government (not truly a federal government anymore), but they intentionally left Whites out. Apparently, we Whites shouldn’t be taking journeys. This blog is about My White Journey.


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