A Question Of Intelligence

Adapted from Chapter 5 of David Duke’s ‘My Awakening‘.  Refer to the book for more in-depth information.


  • 1905: Alfred Binet, a French psychologist and the father of modern intelligence testing, designed a test to try to identify and help children of low intelligence. The test could identify those who needed remedial help, those who were of average ability, and those who were gifted.
  • 1912: Wilhelm Stern, a German psychologist, proposed an intelligence indicator that simply divided a subject’s mental age by their chronological age.
  • 1916: Lewis Terman, an American psychologist, revised the Binet Scales, creating the now-famous ‘Stanford-Binet’.
  • Arthur Jensen, a psychologist at UC-Berkeley, showed that all tests of mental function positively correlated with each other. While it could be argued what it is these tests actually measure, his work suggests that they are measuring the same thing. For example, those who do well on a reading test often do well on a math test.


  • Numerous studies show that IQ testing are at least as good as high school grades in predicting how well one will perform in college.
  • Most psychologists would agree that learning ability and IQ are closely linked.
  • Many studies show that IQ is a better predictor of one’s success, status, and income than one’s family or socioeconomic background.
  • IQ has a strong correlation with several factors, including grades in school, educational level attained, income, business success, and tendencies toward criminal behaviour, illegitimacy, and dependence on welfare.

What Is ‘White Privilege’?

This morning, while contemplating the Cosmos in my shower, my mind started to wander. I thought of how thankful I was to be the recipient of White privilege.

Unfortunately, it was at that point that I began wonder ‘What the Hell is White privilege, anyway?‘.

This is what I discovered. White privilege is what allows me to get up every weekday (and some weekends) at 6AM, hop in the shower, get dressed, head to my job, and work until 6PM. It’s this White privilege that allowed me to take out student loans (and repay them) and study endlessly for fourteen years to get two professional degrees. This same White privilege is what allows me to have a decent job so I can afford a decent home for my family in a safe neighbourhood, away from the dusky hordes that hate and despise me because of my White privilege. White privilege allows me give up forty percent of what I earn, so that those who don’t ‘enjoy’ White privilege can have some ‘gibsmedat‘.

White privilege allows me to send my children to an alternate State school because they weren’t smart enough to get into their first choice (even though their SAT scores and GPAs dwarf those of virtually all ‘student-athletes’ and ‘diversity admissions’). It’s that same White privilege that allows me to pay hundreds extra every month so my offspring won’t live in housing beside the ghetto, where the residents despise them because they also have White privilege.

Where did this White privilege come from? I suspect it came from my Irish ancestors who traveled to the New World in the 1600s, searching for a better place for their families. White privilege is what allowed them to fight, and sometimes die, for their country through the years. White privilege is what has allowed each generation to reach a little bit higher than the one before it.

This is White privilege. It sounds a lot like what my mother called ‘hard work‘.

Who’s White?

Who’s White? Very good question. I found a simple, straightforward answer on Stormfront. The link will take you to a post by Dave Cooper, where he quotes John Law,Stormfront Senior Moderator (text in italics are lifted directly from the link above).

So in response to the question, “Who’s White?” we answer: “Non-Jewish people of wholly European descent. No exceptions.”


So then, what is ‘European’?

Those areas north of the Mediterranean and west of the Urals corresponding roughly to what was formerly known as European Christendom.


What do they mean by ‘of wholly European descent’?

Regarding those that may have a minuscule non-White part, if a person identifies with his non-White part so much that he is concerned about it and feels compelled to tell us about it, then we consider him to be non-White. … This is something about which we can’t compromise. You’re either White or you aren’t.


The post goes on to quote Dr. William Pierce, a noted White Nationalist:

Who can say that he has no non-Aryan ancestry at all in his family tree? Not I. Most people can say who their parents and grandparents are. Only a few Americans can go back as far as four generations, however. I doubt that as many as one percent of Americans can go back six generations with any degree of certainty. Jews and liberals seize this fact to confuse people with the claim that we’re all mongrels, that there is no such thing as a “pure” race, etc. — therefore, it doesn’t do any good to try to preserve the White race, because it really doesn’t exist.

I’m sure that you are not fooled by that sophistry. We must be practical. We know that there is a White race, and that it is easy to select individuals from that race who constitute a relatively “pure” sub-group. I’m not an expert on Amerindian ethnology, but I do know that the Indians consisted of many tribes which were racially distinct, ranging from essentially Caucasoid to essentially Mongoloid. So if one has Indian admixture, it depends a lot on what tribe. As a very rough rule, if a person looks White and thinks of himself as White and is the kind of person our other members wouldn’t mind their sisters marrying-and if we know that he’s no more than one-sixteenth non-White, we consider him White.

As I said, that’s a rough rule. A person may believe that one of his grandparents was an Indian, because that grandparent lived on a reservation. But the fact is that many people who consider themselves Indians today and live on reservations are more White than Indian, due to earlier racial mixture between Whites and Indians.


Random points of note:

  • We are a distinct and unique people with our own culture, history and destiny.
  • We go to great lengths to preserve bio-diversity, the spotted owls, snail darters, mountain gorillas, etc. etc. Are White Europeans any less worthy of preservation?
  • White people are the descendants of all historically European peoples, including the Irish, Slavs, Spaniards, Italians, Greeks, as well as the Germanic, Scandinavian, and Anglo-Saxon peoples, etc., so long as there is no discernible trace of non-White admixture.
  • Our beautiful languages, traditions, and cultures are a strength.
  • Outside forces often exploit one White ethnicity against another.
  • We … will consistently work towards reconciliation and unity in places such as the Balkans and Northern Ireland. Our watchword is no more brothers’ wars.

Post-Traumatic Slavery Disorder: One More Thing I’m NOT Responsible For


The above photo is from Jared Taylor’s White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century

Can you believe the gall of these people? ‘We can’t find any real evidence of pervasive White racism, so we’ll make something else up to explain why Blacks behave badly, add “slavery” to the name, and blame THAT on Whitie!’ … nope! I refuse to accept the blame and I’ll raise you a belly laugh!

Chicago: From A Great White City To a Sea of Darkness

Veterans Day 2012 found me in Chicago. As a White with new-found pride in my Southron heritage, I decided to visit Oakwood Cemetery, home of Confederate dead from the wretched POW Camp Douglas. I caught a cab at my hotel on the Magnificent Mile and was relieved to see a Black driver. I figured a Black was more likely to take me to the South Side (nearly 100% non-White) than a White. After telling him where I wanted to go, he began protesting … ‘it’s very dangerous there’, ‘you’ll be killed’, ‘you’ll be shot’. The further we traveled, the more he protested. I kept saying ‘Nevertheless, I need to go there’. I wrote down his cab number just in case he refused. He did ask parked cabbies if they’d take me and, finally, one agreed … a White.

We made it in and out without difficulty. Why? I went in the morning. Few people in the community work for a living (at least not your typical 9-5; see here). What does this mean? Most troublemakers stay up late and sleep in. I suspect there is significant reduction in crime between the hours of 9AM and noon. We arrived, I placed a Third National Confederate Flag at the soldiers’ graves, took a few photos and left. I was gone before they woke up. A few weeks later at a Catholic church we drove past a few blocks from the cemetery, there was a shooting at a funeral, killing one and critically injuring another (read more in the Chicago Tribune).

The End of White Guilt

For most of my life, it’s been the White man’s burden to prove he’s no racist. For decades now, Whites have been told that they are the reason the Black community has failed to advance. After billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted, Black test scores are dismal, Black crime and imprisonment are still incredibly high, and Black economic achievement is still substandard. Many Whites have grown sick and tired of the constant accusal to racism and White privilege as the cause for these failings of the Black community. The failings of the Black community are just that … failings of the Black community.